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so welcome to Good Naruto Icons a community that is, obviously, dedicated to GOOD icons from Kishimoto Masashi's manga Naruto. GNI has a moderated membership, meaning you can only join if the moderators accept you.

your moderators are, at this moment, wardrum, re_evolve, and now koizumi (thanks, sweetums! XD), mainly as a way of providing those who apply with the opinions of more than one person. XD; just to make things more fair, yes? if anyone else wants to be a moderator (I'd like at least three), please. feel free to contact wardrum!



unless you intend to post icons, just watch the community.

there are, of course, RULES for membership. please read through these carefully, as failure to comply with the rules will result in your application being rejected.

1. do not try to join by clicking the "join community" link. all join requests are moderated, and if either of us see you trying to join before applying? you'll lose all chance of posting icons here.


3. join with only one username, preferably the username you post your icons under. by that I mean to give me the username or community you'll be posting your icons under.


1. it should go without saying that all icon posts must be original. if we catch anyone posting someone else's icons and claiming them as their own, they will be immediately removed and banned.

2. LJ-cuts are your friend. if you have a post of more than 3 icons, or if your icons contain possible spoilers, USE A CUT. you may provide up to three preview icons, preferably of any Naruto icons in the post (of which there had better be, or why are you posting it here?).

3. posts with larger graphics (friends only banners, headers, wallpapers, etc.) must have at least four icons to justify their post here.

4. do not fake-cut to a friends-only post. ever.

5. no requests!


1. GIVE THE ICONMAKERS CREDIT. it's not that hard, it takes about five seconds, and the iconmakers will love you forever. they put a lot of hard work into these, and it's simple courtesy to give them credit. also, do not claim these as your own. iconmakers also like comments, but that's not really a requirement. XD;

2. do NOT edit these icons unless the iconmaker says you can.

3. HOTLINKING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. if you're so desperate to use these icons somewhere besides livejournal get a photobucket or imageshack account. they're free and don't steal other peoples' bandwidth. AFFILIATES good_animeicons, hip_animanga